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Friday Craft, Bazaar Time

It’s beginning to look a lot like Holiday Bazaar time ~ this weekend I’ll be showing my wares at a local Holiday Bazaar with my helper KidMakes, wish us luck!

To prepare for the rush of customers clamoring for my products (positive thinking) I have opened a new online shop using Tictail. I closed my Etsy show quite awhile ago and have decided to try out this vendor.  My new shop is available at this link, or if you click on Shop in the top menu. I’ve got a few pieces listed, more to come after the show this weekend.

0001_Necklace_Owl (1)

Have a great weekend!




Saturday Spotlight, Crafty Wonderland

Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale, to be exact. The Red One and I attended the holiday show this year, wandering around the Portland Convention Center for 3 hours amazed by the creativity all around us. There were paper goods, beard balm, clothes, stuffed toys, laser cut 3D sculptures, free make and takes (sponsored by collage), and a whole row of kid crafters selling their wares.

Crafty Wonderland postcard

From their ‘About‘ page:

Crafty Wonderland began in April of 2006 as a monthly art + craft sale at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR. … In the fall of 2009, organizers Torie Nguyen and Cathy Zwicker made the tough decision to transition the monthly shows to two large shows a year. …

Torie and Cathy first met as members of Portland Super Crafty, a women’s craft collective. … They are amazed and humbled by the growth that Crafty Wonderland has seen over the past 4+ years…it has far exceeded their wildest expectations.

I collected postcards and cards from all the wonderful artists and crafters I couldn’t afford to buy goods from, thinking they would make a great blog series. And so it begins, Saturday Spotlight every other weekend, taking a look at a Pacific Northwest craftsperson and their wares.

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Friday Craft, Shop Update

Production continues in preparation for the exciting Holiday Bazaar (11/9/13!) and I will probably be putting the Etsy shop on hiatus until after the festivities. Then I can reassess what beautiful products I’ve got left and figure out how to market for the big holiday push.

Beaded Pendants

In 2014 I will have to decide if Etsy is still right for me. They have recently changed their policies to allow shops that use production assistance to sell, which means that you can design your piece, send it to factory to have it made, and still sell on Etsy “The Handmade Marketplace”. At least that is my uninformed understanding of the changes.

I don’t really want to compete with mass-produced goods, which is why I opened a shop with Etsy in the first place. But if not Etsy, than what?

Stay tuned…


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Friday Craft, Show Me the (Handmade Jewelry)

Even though my craft fair of choice is full this year, I am going to proceed as if it were not. Wooho! I have just submitted my registration form and will be showing on November 9th at a local high school. So, yeah, less than a month away. Uhhh…

The most intimidating part for me right now is trying to imagine how to display all my items in an engaging way. So… more research and links!! (You’re welcome.)

I’ve got several photo boxes that are not being fully utilized, I was thinking of covering them in chalkboard paint, then I can label them and indicate price.


I bought these jewelry hangers on sale at Craft Warehouse as a possibility.


Here’s an idea from Jillian Frances, to cover bricks in burlap to display necklaces. I love the little square cubes with wire to hang the earrings from as well.


sew, mama, sew has a great series of posts about showing at a craft fair, including a printable tool kit list!

So much to do in so little time, I am excited and nervous. Mantra: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.


Friday Craft, Department of Redundancy Department

Well, I didn’t get the job I was hoping to get. I think it’s really a blessing in disguise. My new strategy is to make my current job into one that I want to have. And amazingly, right after my attitude changed, things got better.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Landscape of beads

Now that I’ve quit job-hunting, I’m going to turn my full attention to my shop and jewelry business. A dear friend has convinced me to attend a craft show this holiday season, so I will need to make enough product to have a well stocked booth.

My plan is to make 5 versions of the same piece using different colors and metals and accents. Hence the name of this post.

Stay tuned for pictures of my jewelry of many colors!