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Friday Craft, Stones of Power

Gemstones and minerals. Formed by pressure and time inside the earth. Some consider them to be living beings, with live energy vibrating out to affect other forms of life. Their unique internal structure makes them strong storehouses of energy, and gemstones and minerals have a long association with ritual and healing.

The stone’s color can focus the energy and vibration to a specific goal:


(Image source unknown)

  • Red – warming and energizing; ruby, garnet, jasper
  • Pink – releasing emotional tension; rose¬†quartz, rhodonite
  • Orange – dealing with shock and trauma; topaz, carnelian
  • Yellow – promote confidence, reduce anxiety; tiger’s eye, amber, citrine
  • Green – healing and calming; emerald, jade
  • Light blue – communication skills, boost immunity; turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate
  • Dark blue – inner peace, calm the mind, develop intuition; sapphire, lapis lazuli, sodalite
  • Violet – meditation, integration of self; amethyst, sugilite
  • White or clear – clarity, purification and order; clear quartz, moonstone, milky quartz
  • Black – energy imbalances, focus awareness inwards, release unwanted energies; obsidian, black tourmaline