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Friday Craft, Art Journal 14

I gifted my art partner and myself with Art Journal Summer School through Bloknote Academy. A 10 week course, 2 lessons per week. Intended to be portable and taken with you during summer travels, the supply list is long but can be simplified.


This is the second lesson from week one, simple doodled blooms with watercolor. Another loosening up exercise. The lesson leader uses fluid acrylics, which I don’t have and will not purchase so I used my watercolors. I have very very inexpensive student grade watercolors, so my final product isn’t as nice as I would like, but it was a fun process to get here and I learned a bunch.


I love collecting art supplies so I am on a self-imposed hold, no more art supplies until I finish much of what I already have. Bust that stash!


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Friday Craft, Watercolor Dahlias

Orange Watercolor Dahlias

Ahhh. So relaxing and so easy to do. Stamp your favorite image (these are flowers from Stampendous called Flower Garden). Smoosh your distress ink colors onto a palette (I use a laminated piece of cardstock. Any non-porous surface will do), get your paintbrush wet and go. I used yellow to underpaint before adding color to the blooms and really love how they seem to be glowing.

Orange Watercolor Dahlias

You really could apply any sentiment to this card. A little fishtail and your done. Easy peasy.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 10

The watercolor adventure continues. I bought a bottle of masking fluid and wanted to play around, what better place than in my Art Journal? For me, this is the spot to try new techniques and make a mess. I can always cover up the page if it’s terrible and start again.

This bottle was less than $10 and came with the precision tip, which is great for small areas. I haven’t tried using it to mask a large area yet, but the fluid is pretty viscous and would probably spread well enough.

Masking Fluid Watercolor

Art Journal Page Masking Prep Watercolor

Starting with a blank page I sketched some flowers and grass with the masking fluid and set it aside to dry for an hour. It probably did not need this much time but I wanted to be certain, especially about the thicker areas in the center of the flowers.

Once I was sure everything was dry I used watercolors to make a wash, from blue at the top to green at the bottom. Then after the watercolors dried I peeled off the masking fluid.

Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 02 Art Journal Page Masking Removed Watercolor 03 Close up

I could have left it alone, but of course not. I painted the flowers and grass, and added a mushroom and some blue paint splatters.

Art Journal Page Masking Finished

Viola! What are you working on right now?


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Friday Craft, Watercolor Cards

I’m not going to call this an obsession yet, but I can’t stop with the watercolor. I bought some new stamps a few weeks ago during a sale and they are perfect for watercolor cards.

Purple Watercolor Roses

This one is called Build A Bouquet from Stampendous. The roses, leaf, and bowl are all separate stamps that you can layer. The set also came with hydrangea blossoms, a daisy, a butterfly and a mason jar. This is the first image I created, which turned into this card.

Purple Watercolor Roses

Simple and beautiful. I sold this card to a co-worker for his valentine. Perfect.


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Friday Craft, Watercolor Love

I am having a great time watercoloring with my Tim Holtz Distress inks. I may have participated in the recent online sale at and purchased some additional colors and a couple of storage tins to hold all my tiny ink pads. Now I have them arranged by color family and ready to go.

Recently I also started receiving the monthly card kit from Simon Says Stamp, beginning with the February kit. It is, of course, Valentine’s Day themed, and includes a stamp set, a small paper pad, heart shaped embellishments and card stock to use for card bases.

Simon Says Stamp Card Kit February Valentines Day

Everything on these cards with the exception of the little wood frame on the left most card came from the kit.

Simon Says Stamp Card 01 February Valentines DaySimon Says Stamp Card 02 February Valentines DayAnd I have a lot leftover. So many card makers get this kit and make videos for their YouTube channels, so there’s a ton of inspiration out there. I haven’t made cards in a great long while, perhaps over a year, so this was a great way to get my feet wet. I’ve also been using my watercolor obsession for some cards.

Watercolor card set orchid pansy
I think I’ve had these floral stamps for over 10 years. I stamped them on watercolor paper with VersaMark ink and then embossed them to create a resist.

Watercolor card pansy

For the orchid, I think there’s too much detail in too little space for this technique to really work well. That said, I still think they turned out beautifully.

And finally, the simplest card of the bunch. For this card, I stamped two of the images from the set included in my February kit. I used masking fluid to fill in the little heart, then taped the panel down to a piece of chipboard.

Pink Watercolor Smoosh




I smooshed some ink from three ink pads onto a piece of plastic (spun sugar, picked raspberries and worn lipstick) and sprayed the ink with water. Then I smooshed the panel around in the color and allowed it to dry. When I peeled off the blue tape I got a great border around the color, and adhered it to the card base with this striped background.

Pink Watercolor Smoosh










So. Much. Fun.

I hope you have a lovely love day.

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Friday Craft, Art Journal 07


Made with mini Distress Inks, a Hero Arts stamp and some hand-me-down watercolor paper that is way too nice for me to afford. This piece measures 7.5″ x 5.25″, so a bit too big for a standard card. I’m thinking I’ll mount it onto chipboard and hang it in the craft cave.

This technique is nothing new, but I really enjoyed it. I’ve got about 20 tiny Distress Ink pads, at least 1 or 2 shades of each color. You’ll also need an acrylic block, or some kind of non-porous surface for a palette. Just tap the ink pad onto the palette to leave some ink behind, then use a wet brush to pick up the color and start painting.

I like this method of painting more than watercolor, because it’s so much easier to control the amount of color on your brush. I had tried to color this image using some Tombow dual brush markers, but the color was too concentrated and did not move on the page the way I wanted it to.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 05

Another page from my first art journal. Stamps and embossing and watercolors, oh my!


I purchased these Tim Holtz flower stamps on sale (along with the Crazy Birds set) and was compelled to watercolor them after using some embossing powder to create a resist.

It was as much fun as you suspect. I embossed the flowers first, then I could place the stems and brush away the powder where they overlapped. Then it was all watercolor bliss. I put down the yellows first, then came back in with the blues and reds.

For the orange flower, I tried using my darkest red color first, then I sort of scrubbed in the lighter orange and yellow towards the bottom. I love how it turned out.

To finish it up, I mixed ultramarine and umber to get a kind of payne’s gray, and I watered that down and put it in the bottom left area to give the impression of shadow.

I’m so impressed with myself. I know I’ll use this technique again.


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Friday Craft, Art Journal 04

My first art journal is almost filled. It’s rare that I actually fill every page in a journal/book, but this sketchbook only has a dozen or so empty pages for me to fill.


This page is a watercolor play page. Wet into wet, first I put down water in geometric shapes. I let the paper absorb the water and then put down another layer. Then I dropped in the colors and let them mix together. It’s important not to push them around too much with the brush, but to let osmosis draw the paints into each other and create the mixtures.

Terribly fun. Do you art?


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