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Friday Craft, Wire Wrapping and Necklace Clustering

I am a cyclical crafter, and I have returned to making jewelry after almost a year. My desk is covered in my bead stash, and that is how I find inspiration. Paging through my books again and touching all my beads. To break the ice I made the cuff above. A bit of a no-brainer, I could just give my attention to bending wire and creating the frame and then sewing on the beads.

The cluster necklaces are almost no-brainers. I brought together 7 elements from my stash that seemed to fit the theme, and used a second piece of chain to create the cluster/waterfall effect. I’m really liking these…

What are you working on lately?



Friday Craft, Update from the Craft Cave

An update from my Craft Cave. This week I’ve been playing with my wire jig with the help of a wonderful book from the library, Inspired Wire by Cynthia Wuller. She has a whole chapter on using a wire jig, with 5 or 6 different ‘recipies’.

Fun with wire 01

I found that I really needed to get a steel block to hammer my pieces against. It’s also theraputic to relieve the stress of the week by pounding some pretty metal pieces!

Fun with wire 02

After using her suggested layouts, I got into experimenting a bit with the jig.  There are so many possibilities!

What new process are you playing with this week?