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Truthy Thursday

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Truthy Thursday


(The Girl God)

Sister Joan Chittister is made of awesome. Her website, Benetvision, “exists to encourage the development of contemporary spirituality from a monastic, feminist and global perspective through the works of Joan Chittister“. 

I am not a christian but this woman is the real deal, and I encourage you to give her message a read.


Monday Morning


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One of my favorite beauty rituals, and one of the few I have, is to grow my hair out for several months or a year and then chop it off. I was a long-hair for my entire youth, it was my wavy brown safety blanket. When KidMakes was around 3 years old, I decided it was time to try short hair. There is no feeling quite like the loss of 12+ inches of hair. Your whole sense of balance is off, your head feels different, your hair moves differently. I couldn’t stop looking at it in the mirror.

I understood why cutting your hair was addictive. That one simple action reverberated throughout my whole life and my perception of myself.



Truthy Tuesday, I Voted

Mailing in my ballot just isn’t the same. But it’s darn convenient.

Feels a little useless, being on the West Coast the election is all but over before our polls even close. But OPB awesomely reminded me that this year marks the 100th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote in Oregon. Women fought for my right to be counted. Many many women in the world do not enjoy this right, even to this day.

I will stand up and be counted. My voice matters. My vote matters.

Women are important, valuable, and vital contributors to any government.

Rock the vote.

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Truthy Tuesday, Changes Part II

I struggle to write this one, a continuation of this post.

To say that my life as a thirty-something is different than my mom’s was at the same age is like saying that the national debt is just a little bit bigger than it was in 1985.  That there are just a few more cars on the road today than there were in 1985.

The difference is huge.  HUGE.

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