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Saturday Spotlight, Living Stones PDX

Today’s spotlight is Living Stones PDX, speciality garden design.

LivingStonesI was drawn to the tiny handmade planters holding adorable succulents. Their booth was decorated with tiny succulent planter bunting.

LivingStonesThey will customize any order, and they also do garden design and installation and wedding decorations.


From the artists’ About page:

Living Stones co-owners Karla Havermann-Fulton and Rachel Hermansen create artful and personalized garden spaces, hypertufa planters, and living floral arrangements.  Their unique style incorporates designs inspired by nature with a desire to help clients maximize the accessibility of their gardens.  Born out of their shared passion for horticulture and education, this Portland, Oregon-based business plans to use plants to create employment opportunities for adults with disabilities as an integral part of their business strategy.



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Friday Craft, Crushing Pendant

My work friend gifted me with this pendant over the holidays, made from an old Star Trek magazine. Pardon the poor photo quality but I had to share.

Wesley Crusher pendantI know, right? Dreamy Wesley Crusher. This tells you a lot about my age and how old I was when Star Trek: The Next Generation was A Thing.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Wil Wheaton. My aging, mid-life heart. And I’m sorry but Picard is by far the best Captain, followed closely by Janeway. That’s just the truth people.

(c) McM


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