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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Six


Printable journal kit, Rose Azure by Tsunami Rose

I bought 5 kits from Tsunami Rose and this is the first one I put together. It’s an unusual size. and I made a cover for it in the traditional way, using chipboard and paper. It’s short and fat, and I like how it turned out. Tsunami Rose’s kits are lovely, with deep saturated color and lots of images collaged together. She also includes a lot of quotes and words to use, along with the ever present pockets and ephemera bits. This kit came with so many pages I didn’t use any plain white paper, except for a few little inserts and tags to go into the pockets. Most of her kits are only $2.50 during her summer sale, and packed with content. Like I said, I bought 5 and am considering more.


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Five


Steampunk Voyage by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden

Another printable journal kit by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden. This kit is much less flowery, very masculine and steampunk. Lots of maps, clocks, and machines. Again, I used the signature binding method, six signatures with a double page from the kit and computer paper, sewn into a piece of cardstock, which was then glued into a recycled file folder. I made some tabs from scrap, and inked the edges with Tea Dye Distress Ink.

I’m acquiring quite a little pile of scrap as I cut paper down to size for these journals, so I’ve been trying to include them as tags, inserts, and journaling spots within the kits. It’s been a good challenge to figure out how to use long narrow strips of plain white paper. The challenge continues…

This is the last kit from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden, next week we’ll take a look at the first journal kit from Tsunami Rose.


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Four


The Secret Garden, by Ephemera’s Vintage Garden.

This book again has 6 signatures, a mixture of the beautiful double sided pages provided in the kit and plain computer paper. I did a bit of stamping and used the ephemera to make pockets, flags, and tuck spots. These kits are so pretty, filled with lovely flowers, eggs, vintage sheet music and ledger papers.

I tried to bind the book as she demonstrates in her video (which I cannot locate at the moment), but I am not able to tie it off tightly enough. So I’ve used the same binding method as before, signatures sewn into a piece of cardstock.

For the cover, I recycled a file folder, and covered it with the cover paper from the kit, which I partially ruined while I was trying her binding method. I had to scrap the binding part, but was able to save the front and back sections. I inked the sides of the cover and pages with a little good ol’ Tea Dye Distress Ink. Then I punched a hole and set an eyelet.



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