About MamaCarrieMakes

MamaCarrieMakes is an artist based in Vancouver, Washington, who is driven to craft objects with her hands. Lately this manifests as quilts, purses and pouches, jewelry, books, and cards. While her studio is smoke-free, most of her crafts have a sprinkling of dog hair.

Scrappy Rainbow quilt
3D Fairy box card
3D Fairy Box card
Silver Owl necklace
Junk Journal

She has been casually selling her handmade goodies for over 15 years. In 2021 she will be selling her wares at Hot Mess Salon.

MamaCarrieMakes strives to limit the waste created during the crafting process, finding ways to creatively manage and use up scraps of fabric, batting, paper, and wire.

Somehow, this website is over 10 years old. There is much to see. Check out my Art Journal pages, Zentangles, Crafty posts, and prettified Quotes.

Stay tuned for a new Shop page!

Merry meet and blessed be my friend

5 thoughts on “About MamaCarrieMakes

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  2. Well, you rarely comment, but you commented on mine! So here’s one back!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your story on my blog.

    Good luck with ALL your hobbies!


    – Prozacblogger

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