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Friday Craft, Watercolors

Mmmmmm, watercolor palette, ready to go.

Paint_WatercolorSet (1)

I have added another craft to my list, although technically this is a sub-category of painting which I’ve been doing for awhile. Watercolor is just a different animal.

On our camping adventure in August, I brought a makeshift watercolor kit with me (some paint dried onto a Mary Kay palette) and loved doing watercolor in the wild. When I got home I bought a better palette and a set of inexpensive gouache paints. If I use these up, I plan to buy some better watercolors. But, since I’m in the habit of passionately falling in love with crafts for short periods of time, I’m limiting myself for now.

There are many many tutorials on You Tube, including a 4 part series by an artist in the Santa Cruz Mountains (where I used to call home). I’ve been considering joining the You Tube masses and starting a Mama Carrie channel. Would you like to see some tutorials from me, on painting, jewelry, zentangles, book making?


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Friday Craft, Handmade Book Episode Seven


Printable journal kit by Tsunami Rose, New Beginnings.

Another lovely kit, very flowery with butterflies, pinks and light greens and purples, tons of flowers. This kit is a more standard size, approximately 6.75″ by 4.5″. I used a recycled file folder for the cover, 5 signatures sewn into a piece of cardstock. I’ve started edging the paper with permanent pens, of which I have…several. I like the effect and it doesn’t leave little bits of shredded makeup sponge all over my craft desk. I like Distress Inks very much, but I need to but the proper tool for them. However, I am not allowed to buy any more craft supplies, so permanent pens it is.

I used scraps throughout the book for inserts to journal on, doilies to create tuck spots, and the tickets included in the kit to embellish the lined double page spreads for journaling. I’ve also sewn a couple of the little envelopes into the middle of the signatures (see the picture on the top right).



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