Mama Carrie Makes


A collection of my latest and favorite craft-related posts…

Crafty Things

Crafty Times: Earrings

Makes, Making, Made

Journey Through Craft

Ear to the Craft

The Next Chapter

Live Free or Craft Hard

Reduce, Reuse, Up-cycle

Season of the Craft

Tutorial 3: Frame Earrings

Craft with a Vengance

Time of Craft

Eye of Craft

The Big Craft

Crafty Witch

Halloween Craft

Spooky Neighborhood

Christmas Craft Headstart

Gift Idea Tutorial #1

Gift Idea Tutorial #2

Gift Idea Tutorial #3

Gift Idea Tutorial #4

Crafty Self Care

Color Wheel Selections

Gallery of Ideas

Here We Go Again

Inspiration Book Project #1

Birth of a Shop


Product Packaging

Inspiration Book Project #2

Kids Craftin


Update from the Craft Cave

Inspiration Book Project #3, Part Deux

Monday Make-Up

Spring Into Craft

Upcycled Business Cards

Wire Bracelet

Make Stuff for Mom

Inspiration Book Project #4

Bride of Craft

MCM Mondays

Book Love and Wire Frames

Feeding the Addiction

Inspiration Book Project #5

Father of the Craft

Working for a Living

Theoretical Color

Crafty Party

Inspiration Book Project #6


Upcycled Storage Part 1 and Part 2

Summer Vacation

Inspiration Book Project #7

Department of Redundancy Department

Holiday Prep Part 1

Bits and Baubles

Summer of Craft



Inspiration Book Project #9

Picture This

Show Me The (Handmade Jewelry)

Inspiration Book Project #10


Inspiration Book Project #11

Works in Progress

Deck Our Halls

Mail All the Cards


Now What

Craft Cave Intervention and Update

more to come…


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