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Friday Craft, Gift Idea Tutorial #3

Sorry for the misfires on this post. I was a little too holiday drunk to get it together so…bonus double post today!

Continuing with our wire theme from last Friday Craft, wire-wrapped and/or accented pendants!

Very easy, minimal supplies needed.


craft wire (20 gauge)  |   1 large focal bead (accent beads optional)   |   cord and clasp   |   chain nose pliers    |    round nose pliers

I like to cut about 12-16 inches of wire to make sure I’ve got enough to play with. Some work right from the coil to avoid waste.  I’m not that good, yet. 😉

Start by making a wrapped loop in one end of your wire. I like to make mine on the large side so a clasp can fit through it, in case my giftee wants to change the cord/chain. Or you can use large jump rings like the pendant below.

This is where the adventure starts. Put your bead on the wire and wrap away! In the first example I just wrapped until I ran out of wire. I tried to end up with the short end near the top or bottom so I could hide the tail end.

This one is even easier than the first. I used the first loop to attach some accent sparklies, and after making the top loop, I used the tail to make a spiral.

This one has a little wire accent shape thingy.




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