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Friday Craft, The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol used to help understand the spirit’s path through this life and it’s many many incarnations, physical and spiritual. I’ll be exploring this incredibly complex symbol in several different posts.

(Image Source unknown – do you recognize this piece of amazing art? Please let me know the artist so I can give them credit!)


Friday Craft, Tarot the Truth

My tarot deck is spooky accurate yo.


(Image Source Unknown)

Of course the tarot was designed so that each card could be applicable in almost any situation. But it’s not about the cards ability to predict the future, it’s about how you interpret the message and apply it to your life now, to either change or improve your situation. To gain new insight into a question you’ve been struggling with, or to see new possibilities you hadn’t considered.

In a recent reading, I used a spread called the Tree of Life, about personal and spiritual growth. The cards showed what I need to learn, my challenge, my guiding card, what will help me, what warning to heed, what to let pass, and the end result of this growth.

I also enjoy reading cards for other people. As I start to describe the card’s meaning, in relation to it’s spot in the layout, the look on their face tells me if we’re getting close to home. Then it becomes a conversation about the many possibilities of action that can be taken in response to the card.

‘What does it mean, and what should I do about it?’

Well Dear Reader, have you had your cards read?